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​We build LD Assistant software on a solid foundation

CAD ​Standard

LD Assistant merges advanced lighting design software algorithms for stage and theatrical lighting design, audio & video, and event planning, with 2D/3D CAD standard tool set. LD Assistant is powered by Autodesk, AutoCAD OEM technology.

DWG ​Native

LD Assistant use DWG (AutoCAD file) as a native file format to create stunning designs, lighting plots, paperwork and documentation, work with productivity, get the client to interact with the design process and streamline the workflow.

USER Input

​LD Assistant features are developed based on the users valuable input and integrated into an easy to use product, for any level of technical expertise. LD Assistant’s software user interface is familiar to CAD users and designers, worldwide.

A stand-alone product, 2D/3D CAD lighting design software

The standard CAD graphical environment integrated into LD Assistant, is worldwide used by professional designers in all design fields, also recognized as more advanced, more powerful and more easy-to-use than alternative CAD products. Using LD Assistant, you can effortlessly create superior 2D/3D drawings, professional documentation, generate photo-realistic images and high-quality movies with realistic materials and textures, photometric lights, lighting design effects, scenery visual effects and so much more.

Specifically developed for entertainment and theatrical industry

The TrustedDWG™ technology ensures the fidelity of your drawings, while allowing you to produce projects more quickly with smarter, smaller and more powerful files. You can easily create, reshape and manipulate geometry with smart dimensioning and parametric constraints. Generate 3D designs in almost any form with surface, mesh and advanced solid modeling. Enjoy integrated database worksheets and real-time visualization technology, specifically developed for entertainment and theatrical industry.

Created with stage and theatre professional designers in mind

The advanced command line guides you through the CAD command sequence, and together with the user-friendly interface elements such as workspaces, palletes and ribbon panels, it ensures an unmatched productivity for stage and theatre professional designers. You can control linetypes, colors, materials and transparency for objects, blocks and layers. Extract information from objects, blocks and attributes, configure the drawing viewports, change standard and isometric views, set visual styles and so much more.​

Lighting Design

Use comprehensive objects library, light fixtures, house lights, pipes, trusses, ladders, trees, curtains, security posts, wires and cables and more.

Design with standard CAD tool set, 2D drafting, 3D modeling, lighting design specific smart entities, lighting data, schedules and reports.

Enjoy photometric lighting, photo-realistic rendering, animation and movie creation, real-time visualization with visual effects, DMX patch and control.

Audio & Video

Use comprehensive objects library, sound cabinets, video projectors, video screens, LED screens, video cameras, wires and cables and more.

Design with standard CAD tool set, 2D drafting, 3D modeling, audio and video smart entities, specific data, schedules and reports.

Enjoy 3D sound in real-time walk-through, video textures and video projection, visual scenery, photo-realistic rendering and animation.​

Event Planning

Use comprehensive objects library, rooms, floors, walls trace, doors and windows, risers, racks, tables and chairs, fill areas, seatings and more.

Design with standard CAD tool set, 2D drafting, 3D modeling, event planning entities, specific data, schedules and reports.

Enjoy real-time walk-through, athmosphere and scenery visual effects, pyrotechnics, water and cloth effects, photo-realistic rendering and animation.

​​As reviewed by industry media

As featured by users voice

"Its visualization tools are enhanced with a huge library of materials for 3D object mapping and texturing. Once mapped, lighting your 3D objects can be done quickly with LD Assistants instruments enhanced with photometric lighting tools, gobos, atmospheric effects and even video. LD Assistant provides realistically rendered visualizations effortlessly to a number of exportable formats. As a Scenic and Lighting Designer, it is a program that meets all of my needs."

 — GB Stephens , Associate Professor of Design at the University of South Florida, School of Theatre and Dance